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I hit legend for the first time in March of 2017, Season 36. This was a goal I’ve had for about the last 12-14 months. I’ve played Hearthstone since closed Beta, in October of 2013. I would mainly play Hearthstone to get the card back for hitting rank Rank 20 each season, completing quests every couple of days but never really investing the time or energy into it.

My gaming time was mainly focused on other Blizzard titles like World of Warcraft: Mist of Pandaria & Diablo 3. At times I would take 3-6 month breaks from the game. I’ve owned all of the adventures and had cards from all of the expansions but didn’t really get serious with playing daily until the release of Blackrock Mountain & The Grand Tournament. With League of Explorers I pushed to get to Rank 10 every month. For me, that was a huge accomplishment. Then with the release of Whispers of the Old Gods, my goal was to hit rank 5 or better each season. The first month after WOG was released I hit my highest rank to date in Hearthstone, Rank 1 – 2 stars, with a Warlock Zoo deck running Gormok the Impaler.

After that season I was hooked. I started investing more time into Hearthstone podcasts, being active on twitter and watching twitch streams. My “new” goal was to get to Rank 5 for each season for the chest reward with a golden epic. After that push to rank 1, I felt like it was just a matter of time before I hit legend.

Here is a link to a 2014 Blizzard article, breakdown of Hearthstone players by rank. With the current ladder system in Hearthstone, Rank 5 means you are in the top 2-4% of all players. So after you lose the “bonus stars” for a win streak by reaching rank 5, you’re facing only the top 2-4% of all players….and you need to net 25 wins to get from rank 5 to legend! This portion of the climb took almost double the amount of games I played from rank 18 to rank 5. At rank 1 or Legend, you are in the top .25% of all players. Reaching legend is hard, it’s meant to be and the reward of the sweet card back and golden ranking was totally worth it.

RankWinsLossesWin RateGames Played
Rank 20 to Rank 1560100.00%6
Rank 15 to Rank 10453357.69%78
Rank 10 to Rank 5241364.86%37
Rank 5 to Legend17515253.52%327
DeckWinsLossesWin RateGames Played
Mage - Tempo513360.71%84
Shaman - Midrange141450.00%28
Mage - Aggro VLPS v1231069.70%33
Mage - Aggro VLPS v2242450.00%48
Priest - Dragon3537.50%8
Warrior - Priate523758.43%89
Warrior - Dragon6275.00%8
Druid - Yogg4357.14%7
Warrior - Pirates v2191654.29%35
Shaman - Aggro (Feno)543958.06%93
Shaman - Aggro (Quatro)12380.00%15

Here is the deck I used for the final push from Rank 2 to Legend (12-3 W/L).

Quatro’s Aggro Shaman
Bloodsail Corsair
Lightning Bolt x2
Patches the Pirate
Sir Finley Mrrgglton
Southsea Deckhand x2
Tunnel Trogg x2
Flametongue Totem x2
Jade Claws x2
Maelstrom Portal x2
Totem Golem x2
Feral Spirit x2
Lava Burst x2
Fireguard Destroyer
Flamewreathed Faceless
Jade Lightning x2
Azure Drake
Hammer of Twilight x2
Aya Blackpaw


I'm a husband & a father to three wonderful children, in the middle of the United State. By day I'm a graphic designer and on the ladder I'm a #DadLegend. Add me in game, WowDotBen#1952.

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