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I attended the KC Firesides, Fireside Gathering at Boulevard Brewery in Kansas City, Mo. on Saturday, April 29th. This was the KC Firesides 3rd event at Boulevard and first on a Saturday evening. I talked a friend (and new #legend player) Derek to attend the event with me so we made the 3hr trip up from Wichita, KS.

Once at the venue we were a little early so we helped Sam, the Innkeeper, with some decor setup and got to chatting with him and IgnatiusHS. We are all very excited the Sam was told by Blizzard we would be one of the first locations / Firesides outside of Irvine, CA (Blizzard HQ) to test the features.

We booted up and were welcomed The with Fireside Gathering menu. Once at the window, you had to allow location services within your device and that allowed the Hearthstone client to connect with other players without the need to exchange battle net tags. Once you verified your wifi network, you selected either the normal Tavern Brawl or the Fireside Brawl. Once you selected the Fireside Brawl you were shown the insignia of the event, “The Clever Name Inn”. As Sam told us, he was asked by Blizzard what would you like the name to be and his response was “KC Firesides or something clever”.

Once inside, you were given the option to challenge someone in the brawl, it was a co-op brawl were you battled Nefarian, The Great Nefarian Challenge. This fight had multiple phases were you worked as either a Shaman or Priest to build up a strong minion with inner fire / buffs to kill the boss. A quest for the brawl was to complete the brawl in the fewest turns and to deal the most damage. Sam spilt the quest into turns and damage and whoever won would be given prizes.

Overall the brawl was a lot of fun. I think I played it 3 or 4 times. Besides the brawl the Fireside Gathering in game option allowed you to played against a random player without the need to exchange battle net ids. I think most players were happy to add other players, I know I added 4 or 5 new friends to my list.

To wrap up, I think these features, the fact that this content is only playable at a Fireside event is a great thing. It’s allows Hearthstone players to interact in a social setting around a game that we all love to play and talk about. I highly encourage you to check out the Fireside Brawl Beta if your Inn is showing the content.

I would like to thank Sam for putting on the event, he did an amazing job. I’d like to thank Derek for going to KC for 7 hrs and being in the car for 6 hrs. The KC community was so friendly and nice, I highly recommend their events in the future.

I'm a husband & a father to three wonderful children, in the middle of the United State. By day I'm a graphic designer and on the ladder I'm a #DadLegend. Add me in game, WowDotBen#1952.

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