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I asked all of the #DadLegend website authors the following: I know this is last min. Can you give me the top 5 cards, maybe 3 that you’ll craft day 1 or want to open and why? Even if the card may not be playable in the competitive environment, even if it’s just for the card art, let me see your list. Here where their responses:


Competitive Cards:
  1. The Lich King – very good card that can probably find a home in just about any deck. Works better in mid-range or control, but I won’t be surprised if he shows up in some faster decks as well.
  2. Ultimate Infestation – still not sure what the deck for this will look like. Card is so full of value. May even be too good as drawing 5 cards could turn out to be too many depending on the type of deck.
  3. Bonemare – I just think the card will be quite good.
Cards that I want for fun:
  1. Doomerang – cool card that will be fun to play.
  2. Lilian Voss – great stats. Is her effect good or really bad? We’ll find out.
  3. Valeera the Hollow – something totally new. I still don’t know how strong it will really be.

Dust and Divine:

  1. Ultimate Infestation – this card makes yogg look like “you vs the guy she tells you not to worry about”. When disguised toast drops yogg, dabs, and throws up a prayer to rngesus, this is what he’s ferverently and irreverently praying for.
  2. Thrall, Deathseer – Darwin on demand.
  3. Uther of the Ebon Blade –  :heart: inevitability.
  4. Lilian Voss – Do you brick auctioneer turns worse than amnesiac’s ability to follow up on trash talk? Do you always burgle shatter? Well my friends, do I have a gamble for you.
  5. Golden The Lich King –  🎤 drop.

Yellow Dart:

The legends and death knights are getting all the glory so i’m going to highlight the ones I’m most looking forward to trying out that may be flying under the radar.

  1. Animated Berserker – 1 mana 1/3’s have defined the game forever (Mana Wyrm, Voidwalker, Tunnel Trogg, Vilefin Inquisitor, etc). This one is no different, cant wait to curve this into coin Val'kyr Soulclaimer and then Frothing Berserker.
  2. Bearshark – it is a Bearshark so we don’t need many other reasons. Seems like a great Houndmaster target. May be squeezed out though in the end b/c Hunter’s best cards cost 3 mana. Opens up a triple-Beast possibility with Deathstalker Rexxar since this card is already 2 powerful animals in one body.
  3. Righteous ProtectorAnnoy-o-Tron Jr here, hoping this plus the new Bolvar, Fireblood helps make a bubble Pally running Blood Knight’s viable. Awesome buff target regardless.


My top three:

  1. Bolvar, Fireblood – he is so freaking cool and I think he can be super good super easily.
  2. Corpsetaker – (or whatever the take diving shield/taunt/etc card ) super good for 4 mana and you are bound to run those cards anyways.
  3. Meat Wagon – super cool card/like the deathrattle effect can lead to cool deck building.


My top five cards, for the meta, fun and just memes:

  1. The Lich King – When I started playing World of Warcraft, is was right before Wrath of the Lich King came out. WotLK was the first expansion that I had a max level character. I loved the interaction with Arthas throughout leveling in Northrend. Now to have him as a card in Hearthstone, that pulls all the strings in my fanboy heart.
  2. Arfus – I mean I doubt this card sees a lot of play in the competitive side but I mean,.. it’s a dog, it’s a play on Arthas and he’s so cute.
  3. Scourgelord Garrosh – I don’t know if he’ll be the best Death Knight or not but he’s high on my list. The ability to hit 3 minions with a weapon swing is so huge. Please the ability to deal damage to enable your Sleep with the Fishes, Execute, etc is huge.
  4. Ultimate Infestation – Possibly one of the best cards in the set. This card has all the value.
  5. Bearshark – It’s the closest thing to a ManBearPig we will have and this makes me happy.
  • Bonus: I was sad that the Invincible’s Reins didn’t make an appearance in this set. I farmed this mount and got it a couple weeks before I ended my WoW subscription.
I was also curious about pack opening on launch day, I wanted to find out everyone’s number of packs. So I asked, how much gold & dust do you have? Did you purchase the pre-order? Do you plan on purchasing more packs? What is the total number you plan to open day one?
NameGoldDustPre-OrderAdditional PacksTotal(ish) Number
j1d1 (NA)6,3009,000YesBonus Packs from Arena113
j1d1 (EU)6,3004,000NoBonus Packs from Arena63
Dust & Divine6,80024,740Yes$100 in Amazon Coins220
Yellow Dart5,2005,800YesBonus Packs from Arena110
Egman10,0006,000Yes120 packs from Amazon Coins300
WowDotBen5,30017,000Yes60 Packs via Blizzard Store163

What cards are you crafting or hoping to pull? Let us know in the comments below or on twitter, @DadLegendHS.

I'm a husband & a father to three wonderful children, in the middle of the United State. By day I'm a graphic designer and on the ladder I'm a #DadLegend. Add me in game, WowDotBen#1952.

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