I asked all of the #DadLegend website authors the following: I know this is last min. Can you give me the top 5 cards, maybe 3 that you’ll craft day 1 or want to open and why? Even if the card may not be playable in the competitive environment, even if it’s just for the card art, let me see your list. Here where their responses:   j1d1: Competitive Cards: The Lich King – very good card that can probably find a home in just about any…Continue Reading “#DadLegend Authors Top Cards of the Set. For Fun, Memes & Competitive Play”

The following article was written by TehlHS, this is a cross-post from the blog Taste The Mana by Green Ranger.     10) Rogue got the best Death Knight.  Valeera the Hollow is an insane card.  This card essentially locks out the game with infinite Vanish followed by Arcane Giant allowing you to continuously swing in for 16 damage as long as your opponent doesn’t have removal for them.  In addition to that, the stealth that gives you when it comes down allows you the time that it takes…Continue Reading “10 Bold Predictions for The Frozen Throne”

I attended the KC Firesides, Fireside Gathering at Boulevard Brewery in Kansas City, Mo. on Saturday, April 29th. This was the KC Firesides 3rd event at Boulevard and first on a Saturday evening. I talked a friend (and new #legend player) Derek to attend the event with me so we made the 3hr trip up from Wichita, KS. Once at the venue we were a little early so we helped Sam, the Innkeeper, with some decor setup and got to chatting with him and IgnatiusHS….Continue Reading “KCFireside & Fireside Brawls”

#This.Time.Legend.Finally I hit legend for the first time in March of 2017, Season 36. This was a goal I’ve had for about the last 12-14 months. I’ve played Hearthstone since closed Beta, in October of 2013. I would mainly play Hearthstone to get the card back for hitting rank Rank 20 each season, completing quests every couple of days but never really investing the time or energy into it. My gaming time was mainly focused on other Blizzard titles like World of Warcraft: Mist of Pandaria…Continue Reading “This.Time.Legend.FINALLY”