After months of waiting, Dreamhack finally came to Atlanta last weekend. This was the first event of this kind for me and I really had no idea what to expect. It ended up being everything I had hoped for and probably more. I met a lot of great people and got to play some Hearthstone against excellent competition in an awesome atmosphere with complete sensory overload most of the time. My goals for this recap are to lay out some of what I wish I had known heading…Continue Reading “The Dreamhack Experience: #DHATL17”

As someone who really enjoys Hearthstone and has been playing for what feels like a long time now (Grand Tournament release), I thought I had found all the ways to experience Hearthstone. After a year of playing and learning I had finally made it to Legend on the ladder, I stumbled onto the Lightforge key in arena 4 times, I had played in Open Cups and Firesides, messed around with streaming, and played co-op with people I’d met on the internet. I really thought I’d consumed Hearthstone…Continue Reading “There’s a LEAGUE for Hearthstone!? A New Player’s Perspective”